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We offer solutions that bring savings and safety to construction. Our tools help our partners and their customers to achieve good quality of work with less effort.

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MT Tools

About the company


One of the founders of the company had a need to get extension rods for drills. After a long search, a suitable product was found in America and they had several other patented extension arms. 

Discussions on products and imports began in 2019, when the first products also arrived directly at the construction sites for trial use. Already after the first applications, it could be noted that the products significantly improved productivity (+35%) and safety. 

The company was expanded with suitable professional partners in 2021 and 2022 the products entered to the market. 

The products are designed with professional needs in mind, using electricians, plumbers and suspended ceiling builders alike.

Import of tools

We are looking for new innovations and offer a quality range of various additional tools for drilling machines. With our tools, working is up to 35% faster and especially safer.

For example, you will be able to drill to a height of six meters without cranes, ladders or scaffolding.

You will not find these tools elsewhere in Europe.

With our tools, working is up to 35% faster.

MT Tools


The patented MT PJT is by far the best additional tool for overhead drilling. The universal fastening mechanism is suitable for most drilling machines. MT PJT is the most powerful and productive tool in its field.

Use it to install wedge anchors, tie metal anchors, concrete screws, and many other drilling needs safely from the ground. The MT PJT telescopic tool is recommended for overhead drilling.

You won't find these quality tools anywhere else in Europe. We are the only importer.

Feel free to contact us for more information or buy these tools from our resellers.

MT Tools


MT RVT is a credit tool developed for suspended ceilings. The tool has been used in various jobs for over 20 years. Use it when installing either the RVT screws and ceiling hangers we provide or other hangers with your feet safely on the ground. By changing the head, you can easily screw on, for example, ready-made hangers.

The all-in-one head allows the installation of different heads in the MT RVT product and the attachment of brackets to different roof structures. The perfect tool for places that are inaccessible with a scissor crane or otherwise want safety when working.